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About SGP Systems

Welcome to SGP Systems - one of the most innovative companies in the field of educational visual programming tools for kids, children, youth and adults. The long-time research experience (since 1978) in the field of programming languages lead us to development of SGP (Baltazar, Baltie 2, Baltie 3 and Baltie 4 C#) products.

SGP Systems is the European software company established in 1978. From the beginning the company specialized on developing structured (JSP) programming tools (Soukup Graphic Preprocessor - lower CASE tools) for Assembler, Basic, C, Clipper, Cobol, dBASE, FoxBASE, Fortran, Informix, Modula 2, Paradox and Pascal, nowadays we are focused on the OOP teaching tools.

In 1993, the SGP Systems focused on educational programming tools for children and youth and now the company co-operates with teachers from 69 countries in order to implement SGP programming teaching tools into their school ICT curriculum.

Programming contests

The SGP Systems organizes an international annual programming contest for kids, children and youth.

BB2000 - 7th International Creative Programming Contest Finalists (age 9 - 30 years)
Finalists of Baltie + Baltazar 2000 Contest

BB2003 - 10th International Creative Programming Contest Finalists (age 6 - 80 years)
Finalists and Jury of Baltie + Baltazar 2003 Contest

BB2005 - 12th International Creative Programming Contest Finalists (age 7 - 82 years)
Finalists of Baltie + Baltazar 2005 Contest Organizers of Baltie + Baltazar 2005 Contest

BB2006 - 13th International Creative Programming Contest Finalists (age 9 - 83 years)
Finalists and Organizers of B+B 2006 Contest

Our "children" now :-) - they are 19 (20) years old and owners of their companies.

Photos from INVEX 2006 - International Trade Fair of Information Technology
Zdenek Cendra, Owner of Superhosting.CZ Libor Tinka, Owner of ImagineShop.CZ

Our contests are open for children and youth from all over the world.

We emphasized the ease of use and social and pedagogical impact of the work with computers during long years of improving our tools. Now, virtual creative teams of children can easily co-operate on development of multimedia computer applications. We have prepared new platform for computer-related education, which can be easily used without strong needs for foreign language skills.

Using our graphic efficient programming tools, users can create the language independent source codes. The power of graphic representation and ease of use gave us a belief that we found the new innovative principles of programming teaching.

SGP Systems support teachers

We have also prepared organizational platform for the preparation of the worldwide teacher creative network. Along with our international ICT teacher community we are starting to prepare national and international projects in the field of education for information age.

Your pupils and students can exchange their own programs, improve them, to provide and get feedback. This can be easily performed in the Internet age - Internet gives children opportunity to work in the virtual groups over borders, and

  • learn the basic communication
  • discover the diversity of cultures
  • better understand the partners in the dialogue

and much more positive chances to find and comprehend the life in the "global world".

  • Are you a teacher or parent?
  • Do you want to prepare your children to be a computer-driver not only a computer-passenger?
  • Do you want to join the SGP creative network?
  • Do you want to try Baltie with all support of SGP Systems in your school for one year free?

You are welcome! Please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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