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We implement a systematic teaching of programming in schools K-12


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Download SGP tools with examples

SGP Baltie 3 EN 5.8 MB
SGP Baltie 3 ES 6.4 MB
SGP Baltie 3 DE 12.1 MB   mit dem Handbuch
SGP Baltie 3 PL 6.1 MB   Podręcznik 3 MB
SGP Baltie 3 CZ 5.3 MB
SGP Baltie 3 SK 5.6 MB

SGP Baltie 4 C# EN | DemoFull |  28 MB   Info for admins

SGP Baltie 3 is a trial version. You can do everything except files and pictures saving. This trial version will become the full version after purchasing the License code and activating the product.
To activate Baltie 4 C# (Pro) you need to download the Full version of this product. Demo version can not be activated.

Download free SGP applications
Before downloading and installing these applications you need to install the prerequisites for .NET and DirectX applications.

SGP GEMS - a logical game, created completely in SGP Baltie 4 C#

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