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General information

Activation-related errors All products
Covers both on-line and off-line activation and license check during application startup. Valid for all SGP products (Baltie 3, Baltie 4 C#, Studio C#, SimpleUML). Only the most common and errors are listed.

1-7002 Server communication error.
Cannot connect to the server. Check your internet connection or firewall settings *.
10-1000 Invalid license code.
Check if you have entered the licence code properly. License code is case insensitive.
10-1003 License exired.
License validity has expired. You need to purchase license validity prolonging.
10-1004 License activation is denied.
License was denied for some reason. Contact us to resolve this situation.
10-1005 Maximum number of allowed activation reached.
During non-commandline activation, request for additional activation, with specifying the reason, can be sent.
10-1006 No rights to activate for given UID and password.
If you're trying to activate school license, make sure you are registered on SGP server as this school's teacher or student.
10-1201 License is not licensing this product.
Check your license if it is released for the product you are activation. In your SGP Account, all licensed products are listed near the license code.
10-2006 Special license is not for student or student cannot activate it.
Student must be registered on the SGP server as a student at school with this license. For green license, the student must be allowed to activate it explicitely.
11-1101 Password error. Wrong password or UID.
Check your UID and password by logging in you SGP Account. You can ask for new password in the log-in dialog.

For some detailed descriptions, see our forum at http://forum.sgpsys.com/en/Default.aspx?g=topics&f=37

* You can use our HttpConnectionTest, which tries to establish connection with our server and with some other public servers as well.
Generating an activation log B4, Studio, SimpleUML
When you are unable to activate even when you have checked your connection, your password works (you can log in to your SGP Account) and the licence code is entered properly, you can generate an activation log and send it to us for evaluation so we can help you.
To generate the log, execute the applicatin with the parameter /TA=4.

If you are not familiar with command-line executing of application, do the following*:

1)Open "Run" dialog from Start menu either by selection Start -> Run or by pressing key combination Win+R. If any text is in the dialog, delete it.
2)Right-click on the "SGP Baltie 4 C#" icon on the desktop, and select "Properties".
3)Copy the content of the Target field. It contains the application executable together with it's full path.
4)Paste it to the Run dialog and add /TA=4 at the end (separate it with space).
5)When the command looks like "C:\Program Files\SGP Systems\SGP Baltie 4\SGP.B4.exe" /TA=4, run it (press OK button or hit Enter).
6)After you quit the application, you will find the log named SGP.B4.log on the Desktop.

* SGP Baltie 4 C# was selected as an example, the steps are the same also for SGP C# Studio and SGP SimpleUML.

Information for system administrators

Installation All products
In order to receive the exit code, the installation must be executed using the complete zipped package. Selfextractor (third-party application) does not return installer's exit code.

Parameters accepted by the installer
/lang=czSets setup language and preconfigures application to run in czech localization, when not specified, default english will be set.
/silentPassive, unattended installation. User can see progress, but no invervention is required.
/verysilentSilent installation. No window is shown at all.
/log=logfileSaves complete installation log. Necessary for determinig possible installation problems as the log contains exit codes from all systems component needed by the application.
/forceofflineForces setup to use locally present packages.

E.g. b4_lic_setup.exe /lang=cz /verysilent /forceoffline /log=log.txt

Exit codes
1-999Inno Setup exit codes, details are to be found at http://www.jrsoftware.org/ishelp/topic_setupexitcodes.htm
1000General error (setup aborted)
2100Microsoft .NET setup failure
2101Microsoft .NET web setup failure
2110Microsoft .NET language pack setup failure
2200Microsoft DirectX setup failure
2201Microsoft DirectX web setup failure
2300SGP product setup failure

Details for respective component are present in the generated log file.

Valid only for versions released after August 26, 2011. Earlier versions do not support /verysilent and /forceoffline parameters and does not return proper exit codes.
Command-line activation All products
Application parameters for command-line activation are:

<app> /ACTIVATE /LICENSE="license code" /UID=UID /PASSWORD="password"

where <app> can be SGP.B4.exe, SGP.Studio.exe or SimpleUML.exe.

The password is not transmitted in the open form, but to ensure it's safety (e.g. not store localy in command line history or execution logs) we suggest you to set up temporary password for the purpose of unattended activation.

The parameters are case sensitive.

Exit codes
2000General command-line activation error.
2001At least License and Password parameters need to be set.
ppccccTransferred activation error from activation error code.
  pp = error prefix (before the dash)
  cccc = error number (after the dash)

Valid only for versions released after August 26, 2011. Earlier versions do not support command line activation.
Errors related to reading/writing the activation data B3
  Registration data write:
   > 0 - registration number error
    -1 - invalid registration number checksum
    -2 - invalid user data checksum
   < -1000 - i/o error (i/o error code (=IOResult) is -Result-1000)

  The most common error is -1005 - disk write error.
    The most probable cause is lack of write permission for the folder BALTIE3, 
    where the program writes file BALTIE.RDT into the subfolder SGPREG.LIC.
    Either set Full Control for Everyone for the folder BALTIE3 (right mouse button -> Properties
    -> Security) or log in as Administrator and then activate the program.

  Registration data read                           
    -2 - invalid user data checksum
    -3 - invalid file format
    -4 - invalid registration version (SGP of the version
        cannot be used with this registration
    -5 - valid registration expiration due to limited duration
    -6 - valid registration expiration due to out-of-date condition
    -7 - invalid computer (not runnning on the registration computer)
   < -1000 - i/o error (i/o error code (=IOResult) is -Result-1000)

  IOResult error codes can be found here - http://www.felgall.com/doserr.htm
Activation problem on Windows Vista and Windows 7 B3
Problem examples:

- Baltie's license expires, after its prolonging and reactivation, Baltie still says the license is expired.
- Teacher activates Baltie on school computer, but after student logs in and run Baltie, it is not activated.

Baltie 3 creates the license file in its default folder, typically:
C:\Program Files\SGP Systems\Balte3\SGPREG.LIC\BALTIE.RDT.

For backward compatibility, Windows Vista and newer stores files for programs that want to write to the Program Files and does not have permission to do so (not running with full privileges) to the auxiliary VirtualStore folder in the user profile.

You need to find and delete the file C:\Users\\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\SGP Systems\Balte3\SGPREG.LIC\BALTIE.RDT (be careful to permit display of hidden and system files) and activate Baltie again.

Baltie must be activated when running with full privileges, either by running it at the end of installation (when "inherits" elevated privileges), or when¨started using Run as Administrator from the context menu (right mouse button).

Note: On 64-bit versions of Windows, Baltie is installed to the folder "Program Files (x86)" for 32-bit programs.
Allowing network locations B4, Studio
Dialog box:


The project location is not fully trusted by the .NET runtime. ...

This is security limitation of Microsoft .NET Framework runtime which Baltie 4 / Studio utilizes and that limits .NET Framework code execution from network locations.
We have created and deployed togerher with the application tool called SGP Policy configurator which, in simple way, allows you to add network location to the safe locations.

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